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Royal Sky Bar


Special Characteristics of Royal Sky Bar


       This is the place for nature lovers who don't like noisy, crowded and who love to chill quiet bar experiences around breathtaking sightseeings of green landscaping mountains as well as the dazzling view of the Thanlwin River.  Our rooftop bar will provide you two different pleasure vibes with two different decorated settings, the outer area which is famous for its iconic sunset view and

fresh air, and the inner tidy quiet area, overwhelming with harmonic songs which you can ask for!


For food and Beverage


       If you're looking for the best whiskey and cocktail in the town at a reasonable price, you should look for Royal Sky Bar.

     We serve a variety of vintage champagnes,wines and international spirits.Our well-trained bartender and  waiters will satisfy you with their best customized cocktail and services. In addition, you can try a variety of Chinese cuisines, European cuisines, Salad,  Fries and Soups served by our superior amazing chefs.


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